Hiking with Guide

Hiking in nature leads us through beautiful riversides and forest roads to the edge of a bog. There we will visit the observation tower where we can even see Russia. Every hike is special because all seasons have something different to offer.

The hikers get to know about the history of Lake Peipus and its surroundig area. The exiting lives of birds and animals and their habits are observed together. The duration of the hike is approximately 1,5 hours. The hike ends with drinking tea and sharing immediate emotions. Nature is put in words by a local hiking and outdoorsman Paul Hunt who has walked these trails since he was a child.

Hikes take place on Wednesdays. For accurate timetable please check the weekly programme. Please dress according to the weather and choose comfortable outdoor footwear. You can take along binoculars and/or camera. Hiking fee is 3 euros per person.