Cruise on Lake Lämmijärv

Sailing on lake Lämmijärv is exiting for both adults and children. Enjoy a romantic and picturesque evening by sailing from Värska bay along the Russian border to island Kolpino.

During your cruise you will pass Seto beach villages where fishing was once main livelihood. Even nowadays the local festive tables contain bronze smoked beam, perch and tasty pike perch. The beach villages have changed over time but history still reflects itself from the surface of lake Lämmijärv.

The cruise ship Maa'ra departs on summers from the A-terminal located in sanatorium beach. The ship makes couple of cruises in a week during its season and also scheduled travels between Värska and Räpina. Sunset cruises include a welcome drink, local treats and nice talks. Please purchase a special ticket for the cruise and make a reservation.

The tickets can be bought in advance and shortly before the trip from SetoLine A-terminal at sanatorium's beach. The trips are arranged by SetoLine and booking can be done at their home page www.setoline.ee.