Local mud bath for hands or feet

Suitable for those, to whom general mud bath is prohibited

10 minutes
Duration of the procedure

Suitable for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, to relieve joint ailments of fingers, hands and wrists. Improves the metabolism of tissues and blood circulation.

Hands are put into a muff-like thermos which is filled with therapeutic mud. Therapeutic mud is thinned with extra salty Värska mineral water on 41-43 °C. Freshwater therapeutic mud relieves inflammations and pain. The procedure is biostimulating (accelerates metabolism and cellular renewal) and helps to remove excess fluids and toxins from the body.

Therapeutic mud acts as a thermal, mechanical and chemical irritant. Värska's therapeutic mud is considered to be one of the most unique therapeutic freshwater muds in the world. Supposedly it doesn't even have an analogue to it. Freshwater therapeutic mud is ten times richer of organic substances than sea mud by containing sulfides.

Contraindications: severe inflammatory diseases, recent surgeries, wounded skin, phlebitis, varicose veins on feet, heart deficiency, untreated hypertension, tumor diseases.

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